Protein Shake Recipes!

Cold Brew Protein Shake

1) Pour 3-5 tablespoons of cold brew in your glass (enough so the protein powder doesn't stick to the bottom, I use Chameleon cold brew coffee)

2) Add 1 full scoop of "The Office Health" protein powder (either flavor!)

3) Add 1 scoop (size of a blueberry) of mega mushroom powder (optional)

4) Use hand health frother to mix everything up nice (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!)

5) Add 2-3 drops of organic monk fruit sweetener (don't overdo, you can always add more)

6) Add 2-3 tablespoons of Laird coconut creamer (unsweetened)

7) Add 6-7oz of cold brew 

8) Give it one last final mix with the frother

9) Pour over ice and enjoy!